State Shield Eligibility, Rules, & Regulations


All players must be full members of Quidditch Australia (QA) to be able to participate in the tournament.

State team eligibility is determined by the following clauses. You are eligible for a team if you meet any of the following:

  1. You currently play for a club from that state and commenced playing in that state from no later than the beginning of the current season;
  2. You currently live in that state;
  3. The team that you first played quidditch for is from that state;
  4. You spent the majority of school (K-12, at least 7 years cumulative) in that state.

If you have different states for each of the above criteria, you may choose which team you wish to apply for.

If you have moved states after the commencement of a season and do not meet any of the above criteria for that state, you may not apply for that state. You may however apply for the state you previously moved from, given you meet the above criteria.

A season is defined as the commencement of a club based state league.

Once you are chosen to represent a state as either a player or reserve, you forfeit your eligibility based on clauses B, C, and D. For example, consider a player who grew up in Melbourne spending all of their schooling there, then went to NSW for university and began playing quidditch there. If they choose to represent NSW this year, they may only play for NSW in future years until they play for a club team in a different state under clause A.

Withdrawing your application or failure to make the state team you applied for does not forfeit your eligibility to apply for other teams. You may apply for multiple states, however you must withdraw all but one application upon selection. For example, you cannot be a reserve for one state and a player for another.

All criteria from above regarding previous participating for a state applies from 2018’s State Shield onwards.


Rosters must be submitted in the following format:

21 Players

9 Reserves

Staff (see below)

Rosters must list a player’s full name, jersey number, and gender.

Each team is permitted a maximum of 12 players on the final roster submission who identify as the same gender.

The deadline for preliminary rosters, maximum 30 individuals, shall be due on 1 September 2019. No new players may be added after this point.

Preliminary rosters aim to allow QA to begin marketing the event to the wider quidditch community and general public.

A final roster of 21 players must be submitted by 5pm Thursday prior to the commencement of the QA State Shield. Final rosters allow for movements between reserves and players submitted in the preliminary roster.

For states with more than one team, reserves are allowed to be listed from the players on the state’s secondary team for their primary team. In the case that a player moves up from the secondary team to the primary team, a player from the primary team may not move down to the secondary team. The reserves for the secondary team may not be players listed on the primary team’s roster. This system operates in the same manner for states with a third team, and so on.


Each team is welcome to have up to 4 non-playing individuals on their subline during gameplay in the following roles:

  • Coach
  • Assistant Coach
  • Team Manager
  • Sports Trainer

These staff positions should be listed on the preliminary roster and can be adjusted up until the final roster submission.

The conduct of team staff is governed the the IQA Rulebook 2018-2020 section 1.1. LEADERSHIP AND TEAM STAFF.


The 2019 QA State Shield shall be governed by the QA Gameplay Policies. Participation in the event by players, staff, officials, tournament organisers, and spectators is governed by the QA Code of Conduct, Membership Protector Policy, and Constitution. Actions which violate the regulations laid out in these documents may result in suspension or disqualification from the event at the decision of the tournament committee and QA Board of Directors.

Instances of disputed games are governed by the Disputed Games Policy.

The 2019 State Shield shall use the 2018 – 2020 IQA Rulebook with QA amendments.


Plans surrounding the public release of rosters and staff are to be communicated with the QA Media Director ([email protected]) for branding purposes.