Australia Quidditch Championships 2019: Team & Player Exemptions, Gameplay Requirements

With the Australian Quidditch Championships fast approaching, appeals are now open for teams or players to submit exemptions to the event’s gameplay requirements.

Individual Player Requirements

All players wishing to participate in the Australia Quidditch Championships must meet the following criteria to be eligible to participate; 

(d) Player Requirements:
(i) All players participating at the championship must have played a minimum of three ranked games at any point in the season in question to participate. The purpose of this rule is to ensure that all players understand the rules of the game and can play in a safe manner. 
(1) Exceptions may be given in circumstances of isolation in a similar manner to the team requirements. 
(2) Exceptions may also be given if a team can provide evidence that a player has been sufficiently involved in the sport in past seasons or involved in training or playing in an unofficial capacity to the extent that their safety and experience can be verified. 
(3) These requirements must be met 60 days before the start of the championship. 

Quidditch Australia Gameplay Policies 2019, page 13

Ranked matches refer to official CLUB matches, such as games at the Victoria Cup, NSW Quidditch League or Queensland League. Ranked matches do not include fantasy events or games played for mercenary teams. 

Exemptions for individuals may be made up until October 8th.  Individual player registration for the tournament will open in late September and close on October 23rd. 

Team Eligibility

As detailed in the Quidditch Australia Gameplay Policy document

(b) Team Requirements 
(i) In order to be eligible to qualify for the championship, a team must satisfy one of the following criteria: 

(1) Participation in a QA-sanctioned state league, having completed at least five ranked games within that competition. 

(2) Participation in at least two ranked QA-sanctioned tournaments, having completed at least three ranked games in each tournament. 

(3) Participation in at least seven ranked games against at least two opponents, over a period of at least three different days of competition
(A) For the purpose of this regulation, participation in any event which takes more than one day to complete will still only count towards a single unique day of competition.

Exemptions may be provided to teams in the case of;
(ii) If a team has reasonable grounds for which these criteria cannot be satisfied, they may launch an appeal to the Gameplay Department, who may waive these criteria at their discretion. 

(v) Teams, who have fewer than two other QA member teams within their state or three teams total registered with their respective state body for the duration of the current season, may still qualify for the championship without satisfying these criteria provided they seek out and accept all possible opportunities for official play available to them. 

(vi) A new QA team who has never attended previously, is considered to have only come into existence in the 12 months prior to the championship, and who has signed up for their first ever annual QA membership in the second half of the season may not have sufficient opportunity to satisfy these criteria, due to lack of time or sufficient opponents. Such teams may still enter provided they seek out and accept all possible opportunities for ranked play available to them. 

(vii) Any unofficial QA team who participates within a sanctioned state body’s formalised tournament structure (e.g. Victoria Cup), will be considered as exposed to opportunity and expected to have made all efforts possible to satisfy these criteria. 

Quidditch Australia Gameplay Policies 2019, page 12

Teams who feel they satisfy the requirements of an exemption may submit an appeal to the Quidditch Australia gameplay committee. Exemptions for teams may be made up until October 1st as team registration will close on October 8th.

Transfers prior to the Australian Quidditch Championships

Transfers must be submitted to the Quidditch Australia Gameplay committee by no later than October 8th for these transfers to be considered. After this date, players are locked into their current team till the end of 2019. Transfers may be submitted here:

Team Referee Requirements

All teams are required to complete their team based referee requirements by October 8th. Quidditch Australia will be using the IQA Referee tests are the method of certificiation. These tests are accessible by visiting

Teams will not be able to apply for exemptions to these requirements.

The requirements are as follows:

(iv) The certification requirements outlined in Section 3.2.b must be spread across six playing club members attending the championship.


(b) Expectations for QA-Sanctioned Events

(i) Unless otherwise indicated by the tournament director, it is expected that for all QA-sanctioned events, inclusive of the Australian Quidditch Championships, teams will be able to contribute the following:

(1) one certified head referee

(2) one certified snitch runner

(3) one certified snitch referee

(4) three certified assistant referees

(5) two goal referees

(6) three scorekeepers or time keepers

Please note that snitch runner certification is no longer required and the referee certifications must be spread across five (5) playing members of the team rather than six (6). 

Quidditch Australia Gameplay Policies 2019, page 13 & 17

Questions can be directed to Quidditch Australia’s gameplay director, Nicola Gertler, at [email protected]