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Hazardous Air Policy – QUAFL 2019

Due to the poor air quality in NSW in the past several weeks, Quidditch Australia has assembled a policy in the case of poor air quality in the case of QUAFL 2019 – the National Championships, currently set to be held in Kayess Park, Minto.

This policy is available via the download link below, but is also elaborated on in this page for convenience.

Quidditch Australia Hazardous Air Quality Policy (2019)Download

This policy is designed to protect the health and safety of players in the event of hazardous air quality. High levels of airborne pollutants, ground level ozone, other dangerous gases, but especially particles, can be dangerous, particularly to more vulnerable players such as asthmatics, and anyone else with heart, lung, or respiratory issues. Dangers can be compounded when playing intense sports such as quidditch, where active participants and vocal spectators will be inhaling at higher rates than at rest, breathing is deeper so more parts of the lungs can be affected, and breathing is typically through the mouth, bypassing natural air filtration systems in the nasal cavity. The Air Quality Index (AQI) provides a comparison of air pollutants, standardising measurements into a composite index scale, which will be referred to in this policy. read more

QUAFL 2019 – Pool B Preview

Continuing our preview of the 2019 Australian Championship Pools, guest analyst Stephen Butler examines pool B, containing the University of Sydney Unspeakables, University of Sunshine Coast Dementors, Macarthur Weasleys, Monash Mudbloods, and Wollongong Warriors.

This group features two “must-watch” games in my opinion. The clash between the Unspeakables and the Dementors to likely decide the group winner is tantalising, especially with both clubs being the undoubted groundbreakers of building foundations for the future. read more

Quidditch Australia’s Annual General Meeting 2019

Quidditch Australia welcomes all delegates to attend the 2019 Annual General Meeting! The AGM is an excellent opportunity to be involved in the future planning of the association, hear annual reports and provide feedback to the board on the past year and for the year to come. 

The AGM will be held in the Level 5 Lecture Theatre of the Brain and Mind Centre, at 94-100 Mallet Street, Camperdown (2050), near the University of Sydney and RPA Hospital, from 3:00 PM until approximately 6 PM.

Elections of Quidditch Australia Board Members read more

State Shield 2019 – Social

The State Shield 2019 Social will be held at The Emerald Peacock at 233 Lonsdale St, Melbourne from 7:30pm to late.

Tickets will be $15 per person and can be collected at sign in on Saturday 5 October or by finding a member of the tournament committee at State Shield.

Buy Tickets Here

More information is available below or on the Facebook Event Page, where all updates can be found.

Please note that if you are a PLAYER you can purchase a social ticket through the tournament signup form distributed by your team management. read more

State Shield 2019 – Livestream

State Shield 2019 will be livestreamed via the Quidditch Australia Facebook Page thanks to My Sport Live! Find the feed below, and get notified when it starts!

Meet The Commentators

We talked to Emma Humphrey, and Kathryn Cooper, both of whom have extensive experience at State Shield and even internationally commentating on quidditch, as well as Taylor Angelo, who is new to the role at State Shield!

First up, Emma, who is currently abroad in the UK, but has commentated State Shield in the past, as well as a number of European Tournaments. Here’s what Emma had to say: read more

Australia Quidditch Championships 2019: Team & Player Exemptions, Gameplay Requirements

With the Australian Quidditch Championships fast approaching, appeals are now open for teams or players to submit exemptions to the event’s gameplay requirements.

Individual Player Requirements

All players wishing to participate in the Australia Quidditch Championships must meet the following criteria to be eligible to participate; 

(d) Player Requirements:
(i) All players participating at the championship must have played a minimum of three ranked games at any point in the season in question to participate. The purpose of this rule is to ensure that all players understand the rules of the game and can play in a safe manner. 
(1) Exceptions may be given in circumstances of isolation in a similar manner to the team requirements. 
(2) Exceptions may also be given if a team can provide evidence that a player has been sufficiently involved in the sport in past seasons or involved in training or playing in an unofficial capacity to the extent that their safety and experience can be verified. 
(3) These requirements must be met 60 days before the start of the championship.  read more

Dropbears Selection Timeline & Player Applications

We are excited to announce that player applications are now open for the Australian Dropbears for the 2020 World cup in Richmond, USA.

Apply Here

Please note applications will close at midnight on Sunday 25 August 2019.

Trials for the 2020 team will consist of three state-based camps and two national selection camps. Based off results from the pre-screening state-based camps, and, if applicable, State Shield, 50 individuals will be selected to attend both national camps.

Inability to attend state-based camps and (if selected to attend) at least 50% of national selection camps must be justified. read more

Dropbears Selection Panel

We are excited to announce the remaining members of the Australian National Quidditch Team Selection Panel, who will join the Head Coach Paul Harrison and Assistant Coach Luke Derrick in picking the Dropbears Squad for World Cup 2020.

Original Photos: Ajantha Abey Quidditch Photography and Courtney Buckley Photography

Nicholas Allan is currently affiliated with the Melbourne Manticores in Victoria, but started quidditch at UNSW seven years ago, and has played for many clubs in between, as well as having an extensive sports background outside of quidditch. He has played for the NSW State Team in the past, as well as winning two QUAFLs, and no fantasy team he has selected has ever lost a tournament. Nick was a member of the 2016 World Cup winning Dropbears squad as a beater, and is keen to help make it happen again in a non-playing role this time.
read more

Dropbears 2020 Leadership Team Announced:

We are excited to finally announce the first members of the Australian National Quidditch Team leadership, who will help organise, prepare, run, and lead the Dropbears to the 2020 Quidditch World Cup in Richmond, USA.

Paul Harrison has been selected as the Head Coach of the Dropbears for 2020. Originally of the University of Sydney Quidditch Club (Unspeakables) and then Macquarie University Quidditch Club, Paul has served as Head Coach of both of these teams, and now is playing his eight season with the Sydney City Serpents. Last year, Paul coached the NSW State Team to their first gold medal at Quidditch Australia’s State Shield. As Head Coach, Paul will be responsible for the overall strategic vision and on field direction of the Dropbears as they try to reclaim gold at Richmond 2020.
read more

New Concussion and Injury Protocols for Quidditch Australia Sanctioned Games

Please be aware that as of today, the 15th of July 2019, Quidditch Australia is observing new Injury and Concussion Protocols, developed to increase player safety and in response to recent research surrounding brain injuries in contact sports.

Original Photo Credit: Dammia Brosnan

The Concussion Policy stipulates that concussions are brain injuries that occur from knocks to the head or other parts of the body that may or may not result in a loss of consciousness.

Injury policies state that the Head Referee of a game holds duty of care, and should a referee team or medical team witness a potential concussion, the player concerned should be removed from play and tested with the SCAT5 Pocket Concussion Recognition Tool. Players exhibiting signs of concussion will not be allowed to resume playing, act as a speaking captain, or referee for the remainder of the day, and Quidditch Australia recommends 12 days before a return to play, in line with Rugby Australia’s concussion policies. read more

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