The Dropbears, the national Australian quidditch team, represents the best Australian quidditch has to offer and is comprised of 21 athletes from across the country. The Dropbears made their debut at the 2012 Summer Games, where they came third of five teams. Two years later at the 2014 Global Games, they came second of seven teams. In 2016, the Dropbears claimed gold at the 2016 IQA World Cup, defeating defending champions, the USA.
The 2018 IQA World Cup will be held in Florence, Italy on the 30th of June and the 1st of July. The Dropbears are training up hard to be ready to win back to back gold! Help them get their by donating or purchasing your own official 2018 Dropbears Jersey of Supporters’ Merch.
 Traveling to the other side of the world is expensive and, as a sport, quidditch is run and played exclusively by volunteers. All profits from the sale of Dropbears merchandise will go directly to the players and the team to help off-set travel costs. If we meet our $20,000 profit target, this will be split between tournament fees (15%), uniforms (20%), player accommodation (50%), crew accommodation (10%), and travel grants (5%). Jerseys and supporters merch and accessories are on sale now.