Member-Run Events

.Running an Event as a Member

1461760_640101612725742_8635500455837998595_nQuidditch Australia organises several events across the year for the enjoyment of all its members, including The Dropbears’ Campaign, State Shield, and QUAFL. However, many events are also run across the country and around the year by our various member organisations. These events can range from weekly and monthly state leagues to fantasy tournaments and much more. Quidditch Australia is committed to ensuring a consistent high quality of events to facilitate, promote, and control the sport of quidditch nationwide. For this reason, we have compiled various resources, templates, information, and fact sheets in one place, to assist the beginner or seasons event organiser.

Event Planning

Are you planning an event? Quidditch Australia is here to help. Planning an event, especially a large scale tournament, can be a daunting thing, but there are many experience and qualified individuals who have done it all before who can help you.

In order to assist event organisers with planning, organising, and running their events, we have a compiled various resources on event planning for you:



More resources and templates will be made available over the next few months as QA develops its events portfolio.

If you would like any additional assistance in planning your event, or have a specific question about event planning, feel free to contact us at [email protected]; however, we cannot guarantee the extent of our ability to assist at any given time.

Event Sanctioning

Quidditch Australia provides its members the ability to apply for events to be officially sanctioned to aid in ensuring a standardised quality of events throughout the country, assist event organisers, and provide insurance coverage to the event, its organisers, and its participants.

Events sanctioned by Quidditch Australia are provided:

  • Public Liability & Products Insurance
  • Personal Injury & Accident Insurance
  • Marketing and Media Assistance

You can apply for sanctioning for your:

  • Member club training and practices
  • State league game or tournament
  • Regional tournament
  • Fantasy tournament
  • Local games and mercenary tournaments
  • Fundraising and social events

To apply for sanctioning, tournament directors must submit this form at least 28 days prior to the event. A confirmed player list and first aid confirmation must be submitted via this form at least 7 days prior for events requesting personal accident coverage (except club training) . QA’s policy on appropriate first aid for your event in order to receive sanctioning can be found (From 1 July 2018).

For any further enquiries, please contact us at [email protected]