Individual Membership 2019

Quidditch Australia Membership for individuals for the 2019 calendar year is open to all individuals and falls into the following categories of membership.

Full Membership: $60 

For all full playing members of Quidditch Australia, this membership offers insurance coverage for all QA sanctioned events, both club and non-club based, and eligibility to participate in ranked matches for your club at QA sanctioned events.

Non-Player Membership: $45

For non-playing members of Quidditch Australia, such as referees, snitches and volunteers, the membership offers non-playing insurance coverage for all QA sanctioned events as well as playing coverage for non-club competitive events such as Fantasy tournaments, as determined by Quidditch Australia.

Trial Membership: $10

For NEW playing members of Quidditch Australia, a trial membership offers those who have never held Quidditch Australia membership the opportunity to be covered for a 30-day period before they are required to upgrade to full membership. A trial membership is for the same level of coverage as a Full Membership however only for 30 days. Note: Due to the structure of some states leagues, the state association may place a game limit on this membership.


Upgrade Options

Trial to Full Member: $50

Non-Player to Full Member: $15

Membership is valid from the date of payment to the 31st of December, 2019, except where stated otherwise.

Questions regarding Quiddich Australia Membership can be directed to Quidditch Australia’s Membership Director, Shu Ying Lee, at [email protected]