Player Transfer Form

During the 2019 season, players wishing the move between QA official teams must submit a transfer request through this form. All Transfers will be considered in accordance with the Quidditch Australia Transfer Policy found here.

Please note, players are not permitted to move back to a previous team they have earlier left within the same season. In general, one transfer per season is considered acceptable. Any further transfers require a justification which could be considered as exceptional or difficult circumstance. This justification is not limited to, however, could be:

– Moving or changes in living arrangements

– Changing universities or the commencement or completion of university studies

– Personal reasons such as discrimination or a harmful environment for the player within their previous team

Transfers are not automatic. Each transfer request will be considered by the Quidditch Australia Gameplay Department and either confirmed or rejected with fourteen days in accordance with the Transfer Policy.

Transfers must occur within the 2018 Season transfer window. A hard transfer deadline for all players shall be sixty (60) days before the start of QUAFL;
After the transfer deadline, players are locked to their current club for the remainder of the season;

Transfers may be requested after this date will only be granted in justifiably extenuating circumstances as determined by the QA Gameplay Committee.

Any enquiries may be directed to [email protected]

Please follow the button below to go to the player transfer form. You should receive an email confirmation once you have submitted an application.